Profile of - Nice K.

The future teacher who will not only educate but also sponsor needy students.
“I will sponsor students who cannot study because they are poor.”
Nice is a 19 year old girl from Bahari, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:unemployed, father:unemployed
Ambition: Wants to empower students through education.
Hobby: She likes to read novels,dance and to sing.
KCPE : 369

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Nice 's Story

Nice is a girl from Bahari, Kenya.

She wants to become a teacher who not only teaches in the classroom but also helps needy students achieve their dreams. Furthermore, she wants to create a platform for students from all over the countries so they can exchange and help each other.
In her free time, she loves to play football, to sing or to dance.

Both her parents are unemployed taking care of Nice and her 7 siblings. This is a big challenge for the parents and makes it almost impossible to pay for Nice’s school fees.

Nice is amongst the top 10% of the students of her country.

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