Profile of - Vincent O.

The future journalist intent on achieving results through honesty.
“I want to write about the truth for the people of my country. ”
Vincent is a 14 year old boy from Funyula, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:village administrator, father:teacher
Ambition: Wants to prevent corruption and ensure justice.
Hobby: football
KCPE : 386

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Vincent's Story

Vincent is a young boy from Funyula, Kenya.

He aspires to be in a profession where his honest work will have an impact. He wants to be a journalist that brings people closer to the truth that they deserve to know and wants to work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

In his free time, he likes to play football.

His father is a school teacher and his mother a village administrator. He also has 3 siblings.

Vincent ranks among the top 3% of the students in his graduation year.

Student Reaction:

Father to Vincent,“we are very grateful,it is an opportunity I have been waiting for”

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