Profile of - Faith Ishara M.

The future judge wants judge all cases fairly.
“I want to build a primary school.”
Faith Ishara is a 15 year old girl from Mida, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: housewife, father: farmer
Ambition: Wants to be part of the team of judges that oversees the presidential election.
Hobby: Reading
KCPE : 402

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Faith Ishara's Story

Faith is a girl from Mida, Kenya.

As a judge, she always wants to judge all court cases fairly and equitably. In the presidential elections, Faith wants to be part of the team that supervises the elections. She also wants to establish a primary school and ensure that every child can go to school.

In her spare time, Faith likes to read. In high school she would like to work more in student clubs on various topics.

Her mother is a housewife and her father a farmer. She also has four sisters and two brothers. With a family of nine, it is unquestionably difficult for the parents to pay for her school fees.

Faith ranks among the 1% best students of her primary school graduaion year.

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