Profile of - Suddeis Mohamed Y.

The future doctor with a heart for his patients.
“I want to build an orphanage with the help of UNICEF to reduce the child mortality rate. ”
Suddeis Mohamed is a 15 year old boy from Mombasa, Kenya.
Parents: Father: welder & electrician, mother: unemployed
Ambition: Wants to ensure that patients are treated appropriately and well.
Hobby: Reading, football
KCPE : 401

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Suddeis Mohamed's Story

Suddeis is a boy from Mombasa, Kenya.

As a doctor, he would like to take care of the sick and treat them conscientiously and well. By founding an orphanage with UNICEF, he also wants to reduce the child mortality rate.

In his spare time, he likes to read or play football. He would like to learn karate at high school.

His mother is currently unemployed and his father is a welder and electrician. Suddeis also has 4 other siblings.

He has completed primary school among the 1% best performing students of his year.

Student Reaction:

Father to Mohammed,“I am really happy,thank you so much and may God bless you”

Progress Reports:
Interpretation Guideline

Year Overall Performance Term 1 Term 2 Documents
B, 130 / 241
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“I want to treat patients so that they recover successfully from diseases.”