Profile of - Faith K.

The future nurse with a sense of equality and new forms of care.
“I want to found an organization who takes care of the elder HIV/ AIDS patients. ”
Faith is a 15 year old girl from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: farmer, father: farmer
Ambition: Wants to break new ground in professional nursing.
Hobby: Singing, dancing, netball (sort of Basketball)
KCPE : 384

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Faith 's Story

Faith is a girl from Malindi, Kenya.

The nurse training is Faith’s big goal. She wants to find new healing methods and caring forms to break through. She attaches great importance to the equal treatment of all patients and also wants to care for HIV/ AIDS patients.

As a balance to everyday school life, Faith likes to sing and dance. Netball (a sort of basketball) is her sports activity.

Faith has 3 younger siblings. The family lives in modest circumstances. The parents are both farmers.

She finished elementary school among the 3% most powerful students of her year!
Her teachers and the principal give Faith great diligence and motivation. They strongly recommend her support and assistance, especially because of her origin from humble circumstances.

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