Profile of - Wesley J.

The future engineer and technology lover who invents a new machine for a simpler life.
“I want to start educating needy children.”
Wesley is a 14 year old boy from Busia, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:teacher, father:teacher
Ambition: Wants to invent a teleport device to reduce traffic jams on roads.
Hobby: Football
KCPE : 412

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Wesley's Story

Wesley is a boy from Busia, in Kenya – at the border to Uganda.

As a future engineer, Wesley wants to invent useful machines. One of them, for example, is intended to reduce congestion on roads, while other inventions are intended to simplify life in general. Wesley is extremely strong in mathematics and has a strong passion for technology – but also a heart for needy children. Therefore, he would like to found an organization for children from poor backgrounds later on.

In his spare time, Wesley likes to play football and video games. He also wants to acquire computer skills in secondary school.

His parents are both teachers and take care of Wesley and his two sisters.

Wesley has completed elementary school among the 1% highest-performing students of his year. His teachers also attest him honest and with leadership qualities.

Student Reaction:

Father to Wesley,“Ooh that is great,I am so happy to hear that”

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