Profile of - Oscar S.

The generous and determined future pilot.
“I want to take my money and build a school for the orphans and give them free food and education.”
Oscar is a 14 year old boy from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: selling clothes, father: police officer
Ambition: Wants to develop the best airplane.
Hobby: He loves playing football and spending time with his younger siblings
KCPE : 409

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Oscar's Story

Oscar is a boy from Malindi, Kenya.

Oscar wants to become a pilot and develop a new airplane called Wings. Beyond this, he wants to use his salary to build a school for orphans and give them free food and education. Also, he wants to motivate these children to stay in school.

In his free time, Oscar enjoys playing football and spending time with his siblings.

His father works as a police officer and his mother sells clothes. He also has three brothers and sisters.

Oscar ranks among the 1% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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