Profile of - Halua C.

The future self-made entrepreneur with a sense for mongering and agriculture.
“I want to become a successful entrepreneur and offer jobs to the unemployed of my community.”
Halua is a 18 year old girl from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: mother unemployed, father unemployed
Ambition: Wants to create work for the unemployed of here community.
Hobby: studying, playing netball (sort of basketball)
KCPE : 371
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Halua's Story

Halua is a girl from Malindi, Kenya.

Halua wants to become a successful entrepreneur so she can offer jobs to the unemployed of her community. After graduating from high-school she’d like to do business studies at University. After studies she is determined to make enough money with a hawker business to found a bigger business.

In her free time, Halua rather prefers learning for school than doing useless stuff. Besides she plays netball in order to bring her body in shape and stay fit.

Her parents are both unemployed. She has three more siblings, one older and two youngers. Her teachers say, Halua is a bright and determined young lady, but surely needs financial assistance because her parents can’t afford to pay for good education.

Halua has graduated from elementary school amongst the 5% best students of that year.

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