Profile of - Awadh H.

The future doctor who knows the importance of health.
“I want to reduce the amount of sick people in my community.”
Awadh is a 15 year old boy from Barani, Kenya.
Parents: mother:housewife / father:self-employed
Ambition: Wants to fight against water-born diseases.
Hobby: He likes to play football and to participate in debates.
KCPE : 387

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Awadh 's Story

Awadh is a boy from Barani, Kenya.

He wants to become a doctor and to fight against diseases that are transferred through water.

As extracurricular activities, Awadh likes to play football. In his free time he also likes to participate in debates.

His father is self-employed, and his mother is a housewife. He has 4 brothers and sisters.

Awadh ranks among the 3% best students of his primary school graduation year.

Progress Reports:
Interpretation Guideline

Year Overall Performance Term 1 Documents
A-, 89 / 243
AWADH_H_T2_2018.pdf AWADH_H_PR_2018.pdf
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