Profile of - Ezra F.

The future surgeon that saves everybody’s live.
“I want to campaign for more hospitals in my country.”
Ezra is a 0 year old boy from Chambuko, Kenya.
Parents: mother:housewife / father:businessman
Ambition: Wants to become a surgeon and serve his country as Kenya doesn't have enough surgeons.
Hobby: He likes to read storybooks.
KCPE : 359

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Ezra 's Story

Ezra is a boy from Chambuko, Kenya.

He wants to become a surgeon and to fight for more hospitals in Kenya.

In his free time, he likes to read storybooks.

His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife. He also has 4 brothers and sisters.

Ezra ranks among the 10% best students of his primary school graduation year.

Progress Reports:
Interpretation Guideline

Year Overall Performance Term 1 Term 2 Documents
B+, 96 / 239
B+, 79 / 238
EZRA_S-T2_2018.pdf EZRA_S-T1_2018.pdf
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