Profile of - Khamisi N.

The future lawyer who fights especially for the poor, who are treated unfairly.
“I want to found schools in my village.”
Khamisi is a 16 year old boy from Viragon, Kenya.
Parents: Both parents are peasant farmers
Ambition: Wants to be known as a good lawyer all over the region.
Hobby: He likes to read books and to do sports.
KCPE : 360
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Khamisi's Story

Khamisi is a boy from Viragon, Kenya.

As a lawyer, he wants to work primarily for the poor, who are treated unfairly.

In his free time he likes to read and do sports.

His parents are farmers and he has four siblings.

Khamisi ranks among the 10% best students of his primary school graduation year.

Progress Reports:
Interpretation Guideline

Year Overall Performance Term 1 Term 2 Documents
B+, 86 / 241
B+, 113 / 243
B, 125 / 243
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