Profile of - Jacinta M.

The future architect will change the state of Kibera slum.
“I want to build a factory which makes clothes and shoes for the disabled.”
Jacinta is a 16 year old girl from Nairobi (Kibera), Kenya.
Parents: mother: housewife / father: casual worker
Ambition: Wants to plan and design the construction of buildings.
Hobby: She likes to read novels.
KCPE : 354
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Jacinta's Story

Jacinta is a girl from Nairobi, Kenya.
More specifically she lives in the well-known slum called Kibera on the outskirts of Nairobi.

She wants to become an architect and to build and design buildings. Beyond that, she wants to change the living standard within the Kibera slum as she knows exactly how hard it is to grow up in the Slums.

In her free time, she likes to read novels.

Her father Edward is a casual worker, and her mother Nancy is a housewife. Jacinta has 3 brothers and sisters.

Even though she is living under hard living conditions in the Slums, Jacinta managed to successfully rank among the 10% best students of her primary school graduation year – what a great performance!

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