Profile of - Joshua m.

The future computer engineer who serves the community.
“I want to teach illiterate people.”
Joshua is a 13 year old boy from Budalangi, Kenya.
Parents: mother: housewife / father: fisherman
Ambition: Wants to become a computer engineer and teach his community.
Hobby: reading novels and story books
KCPE : 390

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Joshua's Story

Joshua is a boy from Budalangi, Kenya.

He wants to become a computer engineer and use it to lift people out of illiteracy. Above all Joshua wants to serve the community: Be it as a computer engineer to help the illiterate, as a governor to bring technology or as a pastor to save souls.

In his free time Joshua likes to read.

His mother is a housewife and his father works as a fisherman. He has 3 brothers and sisters.

Joshua ranks among the top 2% of students in his primary school graduation year.

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