Profile of - Jacob A.

The future gynecologist that will reduce miscarriages.
“I want to find a cure against the illness of my mother.”
Jacob is a 16 year old boy from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: mother:unemployed ; father:tailor
Ambition: As a gynecologist his goal is that no woman will ever have to lose an unborn child again.
Hobby: He likes to read story books and play football.
KCPE : 376

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Jacob 's Story

Jacob is a boy from Malindi, Kenya.

He wants to become a doctor and to reduce miscarriages. As he lost his siblings through such a miscarriage he wants to find a cure against it and thus help a lot of other women.

In his leisure time he likes to play football and to read books.

His mother is unemployed, and his father is a tailor. Jacob also has one sister.

Jacob ranks among the 5% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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