Profile of - Patience M.

The future project manager who will raise awareness on the dangers of malaria to pregant women
“I want to construct boreholes and wells so as to curb water shortage in my community”
Patience is a 16 year old boy from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: Father: clerical officer; Mother: housewife
Ambition: Wants to excel in her job and run various projects to better the community's living standard
Hobby: Likes reading novels
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Science and Kiswahili
KCPE : 367

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Patience's Story

Patience is a girl from Malindi, Kenya.

As a future project manager she wants to start a campaign on how to prevent the spread of malaria to pregnant women and their children. She as well has an idea how to deal with the scarcity of water and electircity in her using water tanks and solar energy.

In school her favorite subjects are Mathematics, Science and Kiswahili. In her free time she is usually reading novels. In secondary school she would like to learn how to play football and basketball.

Her father Chrispus works as a clerical officer, while her mother Rachael is at home caring for her children. She has 6 brothers and sisters.

Patience ranks among the 10% best students of her primary school graduation year.

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