Profile of - Amani S.

The future doctor who will improve the public health system
“I do not want to see people going through a period of hardship due to certain micro-organisms that weaken their body's immune system”
Amani is a 18 year old boy from Vitengeni, Kenya.
Parents: Jobless
Ambition: Wants to work hard to better the untenable situation in public hospitals
Hobby: Passionate football player
Favorite subjects: English, Kiswahili and Social studies
KCPE : 378

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Amani's Story

Amani is a boy from Vitengeni, Kenya.

His biggest dream is to study medicine and become a doctor. He wants to change the extreme situation at public hospitals, where people with serious injuries have to wait too long till they receive medical attendance. Therefore he as well wants to invent a scanner, which makes it easier for the doctor to define the patient’s illness.

In school Amani’s favorite subjects are English and Social Studies. In his free time he usually plays football with his friends.

His parents are both jobless and facing big problems caring for Amani and his 5 brothers and sisters.

Despite being send home several times in primary school, Amani managed to rank among the 5 % best students of his primary school graduation year.

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