Profile of - Francis W.

A future mechanical engineer improving work efficiency and reducing road accidents.
“As a successful engineer I will introduce a training school for those who want to become engineers like me”
Francis is a 15 year old boy from Malindi, Kenya.
Parents: Single Mother
Ambition: He wants to build machines to make work easier and innovate cars to avoid accidents.
Hobby: Francis likes drawing and playing football
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Social Studies and English
KCPE : 355

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Francis's Story

Francis is a boy from Malindi Kenya. He is the eldest of two siblings. They are both raised by their single mom. The family is very poor and without support a further education is not possible.

Francis wants to be a mechanical engineer. With a solid education he would like to study abroad to be able to bring back home the expertise to make cars safer by having them recognise danger very early on. He wants to share his success by enabling others to enjoy a better education themselves.

In his free time Francis enjoys drawing and playing football. He is interested in developing his rhetoric skills and to learn how to be a good debater.

Mathematics, Social Studies and English are his favorite subjects. With his KCPE score he ranks among the best 10% of the students in his year.

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