Profile of - Muutaswim F.

A future engineer working for the reduction of crime and lies.
“As an engineer I want to help by developing an effective lie detector”
Muutaswim is a 14 year old boy from Lamu, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: housewife; Father: donkey works
Ambition: He wants to make Kenya a safer place by introducing an innovative lie detector that will reduce crime and will make communities safe and attract tourism.
Hobby: Muutaswim likes reading story books
Favorite subjects: English and Kiswahili
KCPE : 373

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Muutaswim 's Story

Muutaswim is a boy from Lamu, Kenya. He is the eldest of two children. His father works with donkeys and his mother is at home with no income.

In his free time, he likes to read story books and enjoys playing football. He is eager to improve his computer skills.

With his career Muutaswim wants to contribute to making his home a safer place. As a professional engineer, he would like to build innovative solutions to reduce crime and dishonesty. He wants to pioneer a new lie detector that has a traffic light system.

Muutaswim’s strongest subjects are English and Kiswahili. With his KCPE score he ranks amongst the to 5% of students in his year.

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