Profile of - Eric L.

The future electrical engineer, that wants to put out fires
“I want to be an electrical engineer to make any machine that uses electricity easy to control”
Eric is a 16 year old boy from Bugonangwe, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: vegetable seller; Father: shopkeeper
Ambition: Eric wants to study engineering and solve the problems of house fires caused by electrical devices.
Hobby: Football, interest in pottery
Favorite subjects: English and mathematics
KCPE : 357

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Eric's Story

Eric is a boy from Bugonangwe in Kenya.

He would like to become an electrical engineer to solve a problem of house fires caused by electrical devices, which is common hazard to many Kenyan households.

In his free time Eric loves playing football. He is also interested in pottery. He hopes that he would be able to learn more about pottery when he goes to secondary school.

His father is a shopkeeper and mother sells vegetables. Eric has three siblings.

He ranks among the top 10% of the best students of his primary school graduation year.

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