Profile of - Dickson W.

The future doctor who will make medicine easier to swallow for children
“In order for children to access medicine in solid form, I want to transform it into a liquid form”
Dickson is a 17 year old boy from Mundika, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: farmer, father: farmer
Ambition: As a future doctor Dickson wants to transform hard to swallow medicine into a liquid form so that it will be easier to take for children.
Hobby: Playing soccer
Favorite subjects: Kiswahili and English
KCPE : 381

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Dickson's Story

Dickson is a boy from Mundika, Kenya.

As a future doctor he wants to make medicine easier to take by transforming “solid” medicine into a liquid form. This shall help especially children take their medicine. After retirement, Dickson plans on building a new hospital in his own community.

As extracurricular activities, Dickson likes playing soccer.

His favorite subjects in primary school were Kiswahili and English.

Both his parents are farmers.

Dickson ranks among the top 3% students in his primary school graduation year.

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