Profile of - Adrian O.

The future teacher with a creative mind
“I want to invent an interactive white board that will improve students' way of learning ”
Adrian is a 15 year old boy from Busia, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: housewife; father: farmer
Ambition: Wants to excel in his job as a teacher and assist needy but bright students through funds mobilisation
Hobby: Loves reading books and playing football
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Kiswahili and English
KCPE : 366
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Adrian's Story

Adrian is a boy from Busia, Kenya.

As a teacher he wants to teach his students new methods of learning to make them grow to their full potential. Furthermore Arian wants to invent a interactive white board that can save and print notes that have been written on it and as well can be used to hold presentations in class.

Adrian’s favourite subjects in school are Mathematics and English. In his free time he is usually playing football with his friends or reading story books.

His mother Lilian is a house wife while his father Richard tries to raise money for Adrian and his three younger siblings by doing farmwork.

Despite these circumstances Adrian managed to score 366 points in his primary school graduation year, ranking among the 10% best students.

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