Profile of - Trizer S.

The future medical researcher who will cure malaria
“I want to become a medical researcher who invents a cure for malaria”
Trizer is a 14 year old girl from Killa, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: shopkeeper; father: farmer
Ambition: As a medical researcher Trizer wants to dedicate her life to finding a cure for malaria
Hobby: Reading storybooks and newspapers
Favorite subjects: English and mathematics
KCPE : 387

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Trizer's Story

Trizer is a girl from Killa, Kenya.

As a future medical researcher she wants to dedicate her life to finding a cure against malaria. She wants to make this her life mission because she has witnessed many people in her community, amongst others her aunt, die from this disease.

As extracurricular activities Trizer likes reading storybooks and reading newspapers.

Her favorits subjects in primary school were Kiswahili and English.

Her mother is a shopkeeper and her father a farmer. Further, she has three siblings.

Trizer ranks amongst the top 3% students of her primary school graduation year.

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