Profile of - Sharon O.

The future lecturer inspiring her students and former drop-outs to succeed
“I saw many school drop-outs involved in drug abuse; I want to provide them with guidance and counselling to help them return to school. ”
Sharon is a 14 year old girl from Kiminini, Kenya.
Parents: Single mother is a farmer
Ambition: Wants to invent innovativative teaching materials and take care of dropouts
Hobby: Reading storybooks and playing football
Favorite subjects: Kiswahili und Mathematics
KCPE : 387
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Sharon's Story

Sharon is a girl from Kiminini, Kenya.

She grew up in a single-parent family. Her mother works as a subsistence farmer and is unable to pay the secondary schoolfees for this bright girl. Sharon ranks among the top 3% of her primary school graduation year.

Her ambition is to become a lecturer at university and to inspire her students. She would love to invent innovative teaching materials, such as electronic tablets displaying all the books within the curriculum.

Being a very motivated student herself, it hurts her to see so many school dropouts due to drug abuse. In the future she wants to provide these youngsters with guidance and counselling, so that they will return to school.

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