Profile of - Elyza Mae L.

The future pharmacist-pediatrician who lives to serve her patients
“One of my greatest accomplishments would be the thought that I spent my life helping and making the lives of my patients healthier”
Elyza Mae is a 17 year old girl from San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.
Parents: mother: travel agent ; father: radiologic technologist
Ambition: Wants to be a pharmacist and a pediatrician who will help improve the lives of people in her community
Hobby: fixing her things, bonding with family and friends, watching movies, reading
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Biology

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Elyza Mae's Story

Elyza Mae is a girl from San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.

She wants to become a pharmacist and a pediatrician in the future. As a pharmacist, she dreams of discovering new medicines to cure diseases, and as a pediatrician, her greatest accomplishment is to help her patients live a healthy life.

Elyza is part of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization where they conduct tree planting activities and seminars on environment conservation. She is also the vice president of their Mathematics Club.

She loves hanging out with her family and friends during her free time and she also loves watching movies, reading books, and fixing her things.

She enjoys studying Mathematics as she loves solving and computing, and she also loves studying Biology because studying life and how it began sparks her interest.

Elyza’s father is a radiologic technologist while her mother works in a travel agency. She has three sisters.

She ranked 2nd out of 300 students in grade 9.

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