Profile of - Angeli Marie G.

The future psychiatrist who will treat people who have mental disabilities
“I've always wanted to be given the chance to treat people who have mental disabilities the way they should be treated: without judgment”
Angeli Marie is a 16 year old girl from Marikina City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: housewife ; father: technician
Ambition: Wants to be a psychiatrist and treat people without judging them
Hobby: surfing the internet, playing guitar, reading novels
Favorite subjects: English

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Angeli Marie's Story

Angeli Marie is a girl from Marikina City, Philippines.

She wants to become a psychiatrist in the future and treat people with mental disabilities. She believes that they should be treated equally and without judgment.

Angeli spends her free time surfing the internet, playing the guitar, and reading novels. She is also part of her school’s Campus Journalism Club where they write news reports about their school.

English is her favorite subject because through it, she can communicate with different people all over the world.

Angeli’s father is a technician while her mother is a homemaker.

She ranked 9th in her class in grade 9.

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