Profile of - Ghianne Lei R.

The future engineer who will help her family and country to stand up
“I want to show others that we are capable of change and we, ourselves, are the key to it”
Ghianne Lei is a 16 year old girl from Quezon City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: midwife ; father: (separated from mother)
Ambition: Wants to be an engineer and share herself to her community
Hobby: reading books, watching movies, surfing the internet
Favorite subjects: Science
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Ghianne Lei's Story

Ghianne Lei is a girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

She dreams of becoming an engineer and share herself to others. She believes that we are all capable of change and that anyone has the capacity to help our country. She would also love to collect a lot of books and share them with others as she knows the importance of learning.

Ghianne is an active member of the Student Artist Club, where they perform through dancing, singing, and other art forms.

She loves studying Science because she likes learning about nature, the earth, and the stars. She also loves watching educational shows during her free time and also enjoys reading books, watching movies, and surfing the internet.

Ghianne’s mother is a midwife and she lives with her and her stepfather.

She ranked 8th out of 47 students in grade 9.

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