Erin Jillian T., The future surgeon with a heart full of service

“I want to innovate something to develop the medical world in helping more people”
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Erin Jillian is a 16 year old girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

About Erin Jillian

Erin Jillian is a girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

She dreams of becoming a surgeon in the future and use her hands and talent in treating other people. She also wants to find a way to make surgical operations more affordable especially to those who cannot afford it.

Erin is an active member of the Student Artist Club, an organization that promotes theater, dance, and song performances in their school. She is also part of the Youth for Environment in School Club, an organization that campaigns for environmental care.

She spends her free time reading books and searching the meaning of random words in the dictionary.

Erin’s favorite subjects are History and Biology. She likes History because she’s amazed to learn about how things worked in the past until they reached modernization, and she likes Biology because it helps her understand how the body works.

Erin lives with her mother who is a businesswoman, and an older sister.

She ranked 7th out of 320 students in grade 9.

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