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Arianne Melorie S., The future electrical engineer who will protect the environment

“Nature has given us a lot and the only way to thank nature is to protect it in our own ways”
Thanks to the "Nature Appreciation Scholarship", Arianne Melorie is now in year 1 of the scholarship.
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Arianne Melorie is a 17 year old girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

About Arianne Melorie

Arianne Melorie is a girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

She wants to become an electrical engineer in the future and her advocacy is protecting the environment. She believes that we can all do our part to preserve it. She dreams of developing solar panels that can provide electricity to a community and will also not harm the environment.

She also wants to build a foundation for the education of less fortunate children as she believes that education is the key for them to reach their dreams.

Arianne is part of the writers of the “Krisalis”, her school’s newspaper. She is also part of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization and the Marian Youth Movement.

She spends her free time helping her mother do household chores, reading fictional novels, and watching animes and KPop videos.

She enjoys studying Mathematics because she gets excited whenever she’s able to solve math problems.

Arianne’s parents are separated and she lives with her mom who is an accountant.

She ranked 20th out of 350 students in her batch in grade 8.

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