Profile of - Allyssa Mae P.

The future lawyer who will protect the rights of every Filipino
“I want to propose and implement a provision that protects the right of every Filipino, especially the less fortunate, from biases and injustices”
Allyssa Mae is a 17 year old girl from Quezon City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: housewife ; father: driver
Ambition: Wants to be a lawyer and protect people especially the less fortunate
Hobby: serving her school and community through scouting
Favorite subjects: Economics, English, Values Education

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Allyssa Mae's Story

Allyssa Mae is a girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

Her dream is to become a lawyer in the future and uphold the right of every Filipino, especially the less fortunate. She wants to be part of strengthening the weak justice system in the Philippines.

She served as the president of the Supreme Student Government when she was in 10th grade and is an Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. She is also a deputy of the Interact Club and Rotary Club in her school.

Her passion is to do community work through the organizations she is part of.

Allyssa enjoys studying Economics, English, and Values Education as these subjects help her develop her personality.

Her father is a driver while her mother is a homemaker. Allyssa has 4 siblings.

She graduated from grade school ranking 4th out of 1200 students and ranks 3rd among the students in her batch from grades 7th – 9th.

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