Profile of - John Rey R.

The future doctor who will save lives
“I will save people's lives by doing the best that I can”
John Rey is a 17 year old boy from Antipolo City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: vendor ; father: deceased
Ambition: Wants to be a doctor and discover cure for different diseases
Hobby: reading books, doing advance study, cooking, cleaning the house
Favorite subjects: Science, Filipino, English

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John Rey's Story

John Rey is a boy from Antipolo City, Philippines.

He wants to become a medical doctor someday and discover the cure for various diseases. He wants to do this by studying the potential of using oriental medicine. He also wants to be remembered as a doctor who always does his best to save lives.

John Rey is part of their school’s History Club, an organization that aims to educate the students in preserving history. He is also active in the YES-O Club, where they recycle wastes to help save the environment. John Rey is also active in church activities through the Samahan ng Likha Kabataan Club.

He spends his free time reading books, cooking, cleaning the house, and studying his lessons in advance.

He loves studying Science, Filipino, and English.

John Rey’s father already passed away and his mother manages a small variety store at home. He has 2 siblings.

He graduated 1st out of 12 students in grade school.

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