Profile of - Karl Emmanuel C.

The future computer engineer of a brand and design firm who will help start up businesses to develop
“Through the knowledge I have acquired from my education, I will be able to help improve the quality of life of my family, community, and country”
Karl Emmanuel is a 18 year old boy from Marikina City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: business retailer
Ambition: Wants to be a computer engineer and a journalist who will tackle about and offer solutions to the country's problems
Hobby: surfing the internet, journalling
Favorite subjects: English, Science, Mathematics
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Karl Emmanuel's Story

Karl Emmanuel is a boy from Marikina City, Philippines.

He wants to be a computer engineer and a journalist in the future. He dreams of establishing a brand and design firm in the Philippines and eventually all over the world, that will help solve problems encountered by start up businesses. As a journalist, he wants to write for the local newspaper to tackle and offer solutions to the problems of the Philippine society.

Karl is a member of the English Club and “The Shoeland”, the official publication of their school. During his free time, he likes surfing the internet and documenting his travels and thoughts.

He loves studying English and finds Science and Mathematics equally interesting.

Karl lives with his mom who is a business retailer.

He graduated as class valedictorian, ranking 1st out of 89 students when he graduated from grade school.

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