Profile of - Romnick James B.

The future journalist who broadcasts the truth
“I will help and share my blessings to others, and be a good citizen and serve our country”
Romnick James is a 18 year old boy from Quezon City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: vendor ; father: tricycle driver
Ambition: Wants to be a journalist who will share his blessings to others
Hobby: reading mythology books, playing mind games, hanging out with friends
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, English, Science
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Romnick James's Story

Romnick James is a boy from Quezon City, Philippines.

He aspires of becoming a journalist someday who would be known because of his credibility in broadcasting the truth. He also wants to be an inspiration to others by being a good citizen and by serving his country.

Romnick prepares for his dream by being a news writer in his school’s Journalism Club, “Ang Dalubwika.” During his free time, he reads about mythology, plays mind games, and hangs out with his friends.

His favorite subjects are English and Mathematics, but he also likes Science because he enjoys doing experiments and learning about astrology.

Romnick’s father is a tricycle driver while his mother is a vendor. He has a younger brother.

During Grade 7, he ranked 2nd out of 54 students in his class.

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