Profile of - John Aldrin U.

The future engineer who will build houses for the disables and the elderly
“I want to share my experiences and knowledge to my community and I also want to build houses for the disabled and the elderly”
John Aldrin is a 18 year old boy from Marikina City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: housewife ; father: construction worker
Ambition: Wants to be an engineer and build houses for people who are in need
Hobby: doing household chores, reading books, chatting with friends, watching TV and DVD, drawing, cooking
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Science

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John Aldrin's Story

John Aldrin is a boy from Marikina City, Philippines. His teacher commends him for his outstanding dedication to academics while still being able to be a leader in his clubs.

He wants to be a successful engineer and use his skills in Mathematics and Science to improve his family’s life. He also wants to travel around the Philippines with them.

John Aldrin also dreams of helping his community by inspiring them with his stories. Also, he wants to support an organization that helps the disabled and the elderly by building houses for them.

He is active outside of class, joining different organizations like the LINKERS and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He also competes in Math and Science quiz bees.

His father is a construction worker, while his mother is a housewife.

John Aldrin ranked 3rd out of 1000 students in grade school and now ranks 1st out of 460 students during Grade 8.

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