Profile of - Kian V.

The future lawyer who will bring justice to the world
“By being a lawyer, I will serve people as much as I can, regardless of their state of living”
Kian is a 18 year old boy from Marikina City, Philippines.
Parents: mother: housewife ; father: office clerk
Ambition: Wants to be a lawyer and defend people regardless of their social status
Hobby: watching movies, reading books
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, English, Science

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Kian's Story

Kian is a boy from Marikina City, Philippines.

He had always wanted to be a lawyer because he wants to defend people especially when he knows that they are innocent. He wants to give justice for people who are mistakenly accused. Kian wants to have his own law office so he could wholeheartedly serve people who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.

His favorite subjects are Mathematics, English, and Science because he enjoys computing, reading books, and knowing how things work.

During his free time, Kian watches movie with his family and read books.

He helps preserve and conserve our natural resources through environmental awareness by being active in their school’s environmental organization.

Kian’s mother is a housewife while his father is an Office Clerk, supporting Kian and his 2 older sisters.

He ranked 1st out of 25 students in grade school.

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