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Andrew S., Doctor who hopes to build hospitals and teach future generations

“Discipline and hard work are the cornerstones to achieving goals in education ”
Thanks to the "Rene Pretre Scholarship", Andrew has now successfully completed school.
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Andrew is a 26 year old boy from Kilifi, Kenya.

About Andrew

Andrew is a boy from Kilifi, Kenya. As an aspiring doctor he wants to support needy children in education and open many hospitals.

Beyond that, he wants to study Mathematics, English, Chemistry and Biology.

As extracurricular activity Andrew loves to play football and is also an active scout member. Apart from football, Andrew likes to read and swim in his free time.

Both his mother and father are farmers. Andrew has 4 siblings in his family.

Andrew ranks among the top 3% of his class and scored an A in the 2012 KCSE exam. He therefore belonged to the top 0.45% of all students and become the second best out of more than 8’000 students in Kilifi district!

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“I want to use the money I raise with my job to open a hospital in my community.”

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