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Aiducation expands to the Philippines Picture

Aiducation is now also active in the Philippines

As of 2014, Aiducation is also active in the Philippines where many students are challenged by structural problems of the educational sector – just like in Kenya, where Aiducation's journey started in 2007. Thanks to a cooperation with Pathways Philippines, an organization being active in the Philippines since 2002, Aiducation can count on specific know-how and an established network. Aiducation's expertise from activities in Kenya are thus successfully being transferred to the Philippines:

  • 1:1-Principle: Every AiduMaker selects "their" AiduFellow from the list of applicants.

  • Education: 90% of your donations is converted directly in education.

  • Meritocracy: Just like in Kenya, the scholarships in the Philippines are merit-based and awarded to students in financial need.

  • Education to Aid: In addition to the financial assistance, all AiduFellows also in the Phillipines, receive non-financial support. During that support, AiduFellows form a network and are encouraged to drive the economic, social, and political development of their country. This continues beyond the actual scholarship as AiduFellows become Alumni (AiduAlumni) and part of an active Alumni network.

Awarding a scholarship to a Philippino applicant is of course also exempt from taxes in Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA, and other places. Simply select the AiduFellow from our database of applicants: