Who they are and how they are selected  

We currently raise scholarship money for students in Kenya and plan to expand into Asia next. Our Aiducators
in the Kenyan Chapter select top students by assessing applications through a rigorous application and interview process. Profiles of applicants who are accepted into the program are uploaded in our database where you can select a student whose achievements and goals inspire you. In Germany, the selection of a student is, for tax reasons, to be understood as a determination of a favorite student. The Kenyan chapter makes the final decision of which student is awarded a scholarship.

All of our students in Kenya have completed the publicly funded free primary school with excellent grades but cannot pay the school fees for high school without our scholarships. After high school, the Kenyan state finances university fees for the best 10% of high school graduates. However, so far there is no aid to close the gap between primary school and university – this is the gap that Aiducation International aims to close.

See more videos of our scholars on our YouTube page.

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