My Diploma Thesis: supported by Aiducation and its AiduMakers

Posted on 01/31/2018 at 02:57PM

Written by Cynthia Brauchli, Aiducator Switzerland.

For my Diploma Thesis at the University HFT Lucerne, I had the chance to invite some AiduMakers to an online survey concerning a potential Donor’s Trip. The goal of the survey, conducted last year in July, was to evaluate the need for a Donor’s Trip to visit both students or an Aiducation project in either Kenya or the Philippines. Despite a response rate of only 10% (43 responses out of 432 contacted AiduMakers), the majority of those who did respond would be interested in such a Donor’s Trip. Here are the detailed results:

Evidence on the Impact of Scholarship Programs on Education Outcomes in Developing Countries

Posted on 11/20/2017 at 12:43PM

14th November 2017

Adina Rom – ETH Zurich and Policy Analytics (
Dina Pomeranz – University of Zurich
Joao Garcia – George Washington University

Education is key for increasing for economic growth and rising living standards. While enrollment for primary education has increased rapidly and is now nearly universal across the globe many challenges remain: Teacher and student absenteeism is high in many developing countries, many children do not learn much despite attending school and enrollment drops sharply for secondary education (Glewwe and Muralidharan 2015).

Governments, NGOs and research are therefore concerned with the following questions (1) What interventions increase students’ enrollment, attendance and schooling completion? (2) How can we increase students learning and finally (3) given limited resources, what policies are most cost-effective to achieve these goals?

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Chibundiro, a Kenyan spice business

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The Kenyan sisters Gift and Anzazi Kiti started the natural spice business Chibundiro in 2014 to give food “additional yumminess”. Dedicated founders, financial help from Aiducation’s and Swiss Re’s Start Up Fund, and mentoring by SwissRe staff Osman Okeiga, led the business grow. Today, it sells in supermarkets, employs four people and generates a monthly revenue of 2800$. The ambition goes still further. by nl

Where did the business idea come from?

AiduAlumna Gift Kiti used to eat a lot of bland food at her Kenyan high school. Luckily for her, among her five siblings was a gifted cook: Her sister Anzazi. Anzazi regularly prepared her a natural spice mix to add “that extra yumminess” to her Ugali meals. The mix of coriander, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, onions, cumin seeds, cardamon, black pepper and cloves was so good that Gift soon had envious school mates who begged for a share. The seeds for a business idea were sown.

Ugali, a maize flour meal and Kenyan staple. Photograph by Reinhardt Ndimbo, distributed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

How did the business start?

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Impact dinner in Zurich

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121 guests delved into the world of Aiducation and its impact in 2017 at the Impact Dinner in Zurich on October 25 2017. In between dinner and tombola prizes, Dr. Ringier shared her passion for education, AiduAlumnus Obrein Telly shared his past, present and hopes for the future with us, and we got glimpses into two novel academies: the E&Y leadership academy and the Swiss Study Foundation mobility academy. Until next year!

The fourth Impact Dinner brought together 121 people,who support the cause of Aiducation at the Dozentenfoyer of ETH Zurich on the 25th of October.

Guests enjoying the apéro on the terrace of the Dozentenfoyer

We were greeted by Dr. Ellen Ringier who presides over the Stiftung Elternsein, which strives for parent empowerment through education, and who has dedicated the past 25 years to NPOs and NGOs.

“Aid and Education, I share both goals with you, unconditionally and without any restriction!”,

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Equipped with the necessary skills at one of Aiducation’s Startup academies, Jimmy Tune developed a splendid idea to run his own start-up: The bicycle courier ”Crosstown Courier”. Three years after founding his business in Mombasa it has developed positively and he is ready to expand. So, he participated at the KCB Lions Den. But let’s shortly look back to the actual business idea of Jimmy and what role of KCB Lions’ Den plays in it. by cb

Crosstown courier LTD is doing deliveries of parcels, mails, lunch, shopping, small boxes and all petty errands from one office to another within the city Mombasa. All this is done by bikes and e-bikes as green entrepreneurship is an important matter for Jimmy. Jimmy founded his business in 2014 and was supported by Aiducation and the Swiss Re Foundation by investing in total CHF 9’502 and equipping Jimmy with the necessary knowledge. With a current monthly revenue of 73’000 KES and with 3 employees his business has become a huge success in Mombasa. And what is the connection to KCB Lions Den?
KCB Lions Den is the official Kenyan version of popular worldwide business format Dragons Den/Shark Tank! It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for financial, social and intellectual capital for their innovative Startups to apply. ”Obviously, the perfect opportunity to expand to another city”, must have been Jimmy’s thought and he took the chance. But have a look at the following video (from 11:18min) and see for yourself how Jimmy secured additional support, congratulations!

You can find more information on Crosstown Courier here:


Aiducation’s first Blog story on Crosstown


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