Profil von - Edgar Gian T.

The future doctor to the barrios.
“50 years from now, I would be a doctor that has a meaningful contribution to improve the health of the Filipinos.”
Edgar Gian ist ein 17 Jahre alter Junge aus Marikina City, Philippinen.
Eltern: Mother: factory worker, father: coconut farmer
Ambition: Wants to become a doctor and help the less fortunate in the far-flung areas of the Philippines.
Hobby: Reading books, listening to music, doing household chores
Lieblingsfächer: Mathematics, Science

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Edgar Gians Geschichte

Edgar Gian is a boy from Marikina City, Philippines.

He dreams of becoming a doctor in the future who will serve especially the less-fortunate Filipinos in the far-flung areas of the country.

During his free time, he reads books, listens to music, and helps in household chores.

Edgar Gian’s favorite subjects are Mathematics and Science.

His father is a coconut planter while his mother is a factory worker. He has three siblings.

Edgar Gian ranked 263rd out of 860 students in Grade 11.

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